Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 5 - Flying... and no wind to talk of!

After a day off to restock on our supplies, recharge our batteries and do some family things, then we were off again. A early morning trip back to Warrington with Ian's wife, Rachel and the kids, a few photos then straight up the A49 to meet up with Ian's brother Kevin, who was joining us for the day. So a small detour to Wigan station and from there, Kevin sat on the front and gave us a nice shield all the way to Kendal.

Thanks to Alison Eccles and Richard who came out to cheer us on (walk the dog) as we passed through Wigan. An incident free day, a nice picnic with the kids (and Rachel) and a gentle reminder to Kevin that we had another 400 miles to go as we passed Lancaster University at over 24mph (and it wasn't downhill!!) - He didn't believe us that we had had a head wind all week, as today was perfectly still.

75.4 miles
16.9 mph average
4:27 hours cycling
31.5 mph max

435 miles


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