Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 7 - Hot!!

I never thought I'd be writing a diary with the words hot and Scotland together, but here goes. The road from Dumfries to Kilmarnock was long, hot (into a head wind, but that was now expected) and through some beautiful scenery. Lee had a rear puncture, which required a complete replacement of tyre (a nice 3/4 slash in the tyre wall). Unfortunately his dad had just gone past to find a lunch stop and we had to wait until he returned with the spare. We had now used up both our spare tyres (kindly denoted by TSW cycles), so that was another job for the afternoon - find a bike shop. At lunch, our support for the final legs of the trip arrived. Rod had managed to get someone to do his work for him and got away earlier than expected. 2 car support what a luxury. The long slog continued in the afternoon and it was getting hotter. Both were starting to suffer in the heat. A nice descent into Paisley and then a little detour over the Erskine Bridge, before hitting the rush hour traffic out of Glasgow, made worse by an accident. Onto the B&B and ready for another day in the saddle.

95.1 miles
15.4 mph average
6:10 hours cycling
46 mph max

613 miles


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