Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 9 - Cold!........and Windy

Leaving Spean Bridge on Wednesday morning, the temperature had dropped considerably and the wind had picked up - deep joy! After a stop to add extra layers of clothing and numerous stops for the loo (P - no longer denotes a Parking bay, it is a Pee stop) progress was steady along the banks on Loch Ness. A couple of very low flying jets and over eager coach drivers kept us on our toes to Inverness. The sun had now come out (unlike the rest of the UK) and some of our layers were shed at lunchtime. A long drag of a hill started in Inverness centre (by ICT football ground),
over the bridge, where we saw our first sight of our goal since leaving Land's End and eventually to cross over the Cromerty Firth. From there up the A9 to Dornoch, past the Glenmorangie distillery. Rod had managed to find us a B&B (the only one not pre-booked), but they only had a double!! After a lovely pub meal and a sample of the local tipple (we had to check it travelled well from across the Firth) it was time for bed. A splitting of the mattress and base soon put a stop to sharing (Lee couldn't understand why I was doing that!) and Ian's winter cycling kit soon removed the need for extra bedding.

98.9 miles
16.0 mph average
6:06 hours cycling
34 mph max

806 miles


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