Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 10 - and Scotland's finest North-Easterly straight into our faces

The last day and I don't know whether the whisky the night before had anything to do with it but Ian could not get going in the morning. His legs had already finished. This was soon resolved with some of the biggest hills of the trip - a real sting in the tail. We passed another couple of guys on their last leg to JOG (or was that last legs) Lee wanted to race them in, but Ian realised they must be flagging because he passed them twice on hills (a pit stop for a food in between)

They were even walking up the last one and even Ian didn't have to do that. Anyway a race would have been a non event as it transpired (we finished over 2 hours before them). We also passed an elderly women (guessing mid 60's) on her 19th day, solo, no support, carrying her supplies. She had done South of France last year and was already planning Ireland End2End for next year. What a lady!

We then had a shock - Wick. Not having seen a roundabout, traffic light or anything other than 10 house villages from Inverness, imagine the surprise when we came across Wick. Out of town shopping, Tesco, Argos Extra, B&Q, New Look, as well as traffic lights. It had everything. Through Wick for the final 17 miles, a few nasty little hills to shatter any thoughts that you had finished and eventually the drop into John o'Groats.

A stop for a photo at the sign into the village and then the descent to the end, where Rod was waiting with the camera. (Ian & Lee decided to sprint for the line - Was Rod ready?)
...... try againOn the 3rd attempt, Rod finally got us in the picture, onto the pub for our cards to be stamped, the official photo and then Ian was meant to spray Lee with some champagne. Unfortunately he didn't take into account the wind and a sightseeing couple 30 yards away got covered. Oh well!Stats

80 miles

14.6 mph average

5:25 hours cycling

43mph max


886 miles


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